Here´s a selection of pictures in upright format, often with anglers holding a nice catch.
Please click the different galleries below to view the pictures. Up to year 2008 they are sorted by subject, and from 2009 year by year. All pics available as high resolution digital files in A4/300dpi size or more.



Cover wannabees 2015
Various photographers.
Cover wannabees 2013                                            Cover wannabees 2014
Various photographers.                                                              Various photographers.
Cover wannabees 2011                                               Cover wannabees 2012
Various photographers.                                                               Various photographers.
Covers wannabees 2009                                              Covers wannabees 2010
Various photographers.                                                               Various photographers.

Cover galleries sorted by subject, up to year 2008.
Details of equipment, fish etc.

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Fishermen in environment - NO fish.

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Fishermen in silouette.

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Fishermen holding rainbow trout.

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Fishermen holding salmon & seatraout.

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Fishermen holding browntrout & grayling.

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Fishermen holding saltwater spieces.

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Fishermen holding pike & perch.

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