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  Week 16 - 30, 2009

week 30/2009

Just an attempt to get some foreground interest and to capture the fresh green colour
of the grass by the edge of lake Strandgölen.     
Nikon D200, Tokina ATX-Pro 12-24/4 @ 12 mm, 1/200 sec @ f8, handheld.

week 29/2009

Niclas rigged his rod by the car in the pouring rain and made a few `swings´ and I got his shadow
against the wet hood of the viehcle.     
Nikon F90X | Nikon 18-35/3,5 @ 30mm | 1/100 sec @ f4 | Fuji Provia 100 | handheld.

week 28/2009

This is a very old picture and it was captured the first time I mounted a real wide-angle lens on my camera. I was amazed by how close I could have the water lillies and still get Peter in the boat in the frame.      
Nikon F90X | Nikon 20/2,8 | 1/200 sec @ f11 | Fuji Velvia 50 | handheld.

week 27/2009

New Zealand west coast fishing in jungle like surroundings.      
Nikon F90X | Sigma 28-70/2,8 @ 50mm | 1/2 sec @ f5,6 | Fuji Provia 100 | tripod.

week 26/2009

The sun rising out of a cloud over Gothenburg harbour July -09. Urban summer fishing at it´s best.     
Nikon D200, Tamron 90mm/2,8 1/250 sec @ f8, handheld.

week 25/2009

I pulled out my new Ranger Quadra and the local kids came running to check out what was going on. I just took one flash head from the box with one umbrella, mounted the radio tirgger in the hotshoe and started shooting, it all worked like a dream. With some dark bushes as background and the sun in the back of the kids I think the first trial turned out quite ok.    
Nikon D200, Tamron 90mm/2,8 1/200 sec @ f5,6, handheld.

week 24/2009

This is another picture in the series from week 21. Here Anders is netting the 5 lbs brown trout and the water goes just white in the net. Amazingly this picture turned out reasonable sharp despite the long shutter speed, but is also the reason why the splashing water looks so alive.    
Nikon D300, Tokina ATX-Pro 12-24/4 @ 12 mm, 1/10 sec @ f4, handheld.

week 23/2009

This is one of my favourite pictures in the category `travelling to a fishing destination.´ Here we are getting close to the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and the shallow water and sand ridges looks just awasome!   
Nikon F90X, Nikon 24/2,8, 1/300sec @ f8, Fuji Velvia 50, handheld.

week 22/2009

Take a close look because this is probably the best dressed fly fisherman you will ever see. Mr Martin Lindström just after his marriage by the coast in may 2009.  
Nikon D300, Nikon 24-70/2,8 @ 70 mm, 1/500sec @ f11, handheld.

week 21/2009

It takes a lot of patience and waiting to get the hookset on picture, but this trout rose steadily and
Anders palyes his cards just right. 
Nikon D300, Tokina ATX 12-24/4 @ 14 mm, 1/40sec @ f4, handheld.

week 20/2009

No, Thomas is not stuck in some cliff behind him, the picture is just taken during that brief moment of maximum load. 
Nikon D200, Tamron 28-75/2,8 @ 50 mm, 1/500sec @ f5,6, handheld.

week 19/2009

The quality of ´Grab & grin´ pictures is not so much about the size of the fish, more important is good light, a big smile and a tiny, underexposed fill-flash. 
Nikon D200, Tokina ATX  12-24/4 @ 24 mm, 1/300sec @ f5,6, handheld, internal camera flash.

week 18/2009

The april weather has relly been to nice for the coastal fishing, but it is ok for silouette sunset pictures. 
Nikon D200, Tamron 28-75/2,8 @ 35 mm, 1/500sec @ f8, handheld.


week 17/2009

The leaves just emerged here in western Sweden, and in one week we went from cold spring to nice summer.
Nikon D200, Tamron 28-75/2,8 @ 28 mm, 1/300sec @ f8, handheld.

week 16/2009

This foggy morning I saw my friend Peter fishing a nice bay on the coast, but suddenly he started to do this crazy dance in the knee deep water. Reason, a seatrout is running with the fly and the line is tangled around his feet.
Nikon D200, Nikon 80-200mm/2,8 @ 80 mm, 1/200sec @ f5,6 handheld.


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