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 Week 33 - 52, 2008

week 52/2008

This picture shows a pike killing a popping MegaDiver at a nearby lake. This is one of those rare occations when you start to press the trigger and during that brief moment something happens in front of the camera. I just wanted to get a picture of the fisherman in the morning light, and came out with a pike crashing through the surface and while water drops are still in the air. 

Nikon F90X, Nikon 80-200/2,8 @ 80mm, 1/300sec @ f4, Fuji Provia 100, handheld.

week 51/2008

My friend Peter and I had a wonderful sunset by the coast, and when the sun and sea turned blue, pink and orange at the same time Peter hooked a good searun browntrout of some 6 or 7 lbs. I fired away with my camera and when he netted the fish the film ended. I searched my camera bag in desperation and realized I lost my case with fresh film. So this is the last and only picture of a really good trout in a marvellous sunset....

Nikon F90X, Nikon 18-35/3,5 @ 35mm, 1/300sec @ f5,6, Fuji Velvia 50, fill flash, handheld.

week 50/2008

I am no big fan of winter fishing but it is quite a big sport up here in Sweden when we get cold winters. But I feel we get clear evidence of changes in the climate up here, and it was several years ago we got a winter like the one pictured above. And all the spots in the picture is not dust on the slide, it is snow.

Nikon F90X, Nikon 18-35/3,5 @ 30mm, 1/250sec @ f8, Fuji Provia 100, handheld.

Week 49/2008

We were heading up a new river on the south island of New Zealand, and the small road (or rather farm track) followed the bank. I could not take my eyes from the water and my fishing companion Niclas told me to concentrate on the driving. Five seconds later I kept way to far to the left and we were totally stuck in the middle of nowhere. We had to camp on the road overnigt and the following day we found a helpful farmer who pulled us out of the ditch.

Nikon F90X, Sigma 28-70/2,8 @ 50mm, 1/125sec @ f5,6, Fuji Provia 100, handheld.

Week 48/2008

Master caster and former world champion Leif Stävmo handles the two hand rod by river Säveån outside Göteborg, Sweden. It takes a lot of frames to get good pictures of lines in the air. The key is a place with sunlight on the caster, a dark background in shadow, a fast shutter speed and colourful line. And dont forget to lock your exposure value on the caster, otherwise it will not turn out well.
Nikon F90X, Sigma 28-70/2,8 @ 60mm, 1/300sec @ f4, Fuji Provia 100, Manfrotto tripod.

Week 47/2008

Just a picture from a mobile phone camera, but with my biggest pike on the fly so far, 10,2kgs/22lbs... Caught in shallow water in the Baltic sea outside Blekinge in southeast Sweden.
Sony Ericsson G502, jpg. Photo Daniel Blomgren.

Week 46/2008

I am working on a set of pictures of flies and it is amazing how a simple Zonker strip streamer can look like a salmon fly in the right light and tied in the right manner. 
Nikon D200, Tamron 90/2,8, 1/160sec @ f11, flash, JPG fine, tripod.

Week 45/2008

This summer I had danish journalist Jacob Sörensen in the boat togehter with Niclas Andersson. We fished hard long into the dark and fog started to roll in from the ocean. We decided to not try to find a better camping spot in the black night, but just unfolded our sleeping bags right on the cliffs and tied the boat in some rocks. The nights was cold and damp, and in the morning we realised everything was covered in tern-shit.
Nikon D200, Nikon 24/2,8, 1/160sec @ f8, RAW, handheld.

Week 44/2008

This is a picture from a foggy morning some days ago, and I just fired the camera into the rising sun in front of a small bush near the lake, without any bigger plans. When I got home and transfered the files to the computer I almost fell off the chair as I saw this giant fish crusing under the branches. Five seconds later I realise it is a log in the water, casting its dark shadow onto the flat surface. But for a brief moment I thought I had found a lake in Sweden with 60 lbs darkbacked tarpon!
Nikon D200, Tamron 28-75/2,8 @ 60 mm, 1/200sec @ f5,6, RAW, handheld.

Week 43/2008

This is a picture of my fishing companion Thomas Lindberg from Piteå as he hooks a nice rainbow in the wonderful Hunter River on the south island of New Zealand. Both me and our third friend Niclas sat ready with our cameras as Thomas put the fly over the fish time after time. When the fish took we both fired 5fps at exactly the same time, so this picture is available from two different photographers but looks identical. Copyright issue anyone?
Nikon F90X, Sigma 28-70/2,8 @ 70 mm, 1/300sec @ f8, Fuji Provia 100, handheld.

Week 42/2008
Please take a moment and have a look at the gallery with pictures taken by my late friend Björn Sundquist from his pikefilled home waters of Blekinge, Sweden. Most pictures taken with an Olympus Digital compact camera, and again it is proven that it is not the equipment who makes the picture, it is to be at the right place in the right light. Enjoy.

Week 41/2008
Picture from a trip to Swedish Lapland in 1999. I came back home with 12 rolls of film and turned them in for developing at the local lab. When I came back to pick up the pictures the lady at the lab looked very nervous when I stepped in and she had a white envelope laying at the counter, not the normal sheets with slides. When my film went through the machine some error occured with the cemicals, and most of my pictures turned out with a strong orange cast.
Picture above was one of the first ones and got through ok.
Nikon F90X, Sigma 28-70/2,8, Fuji Velvia 50, handheld.

Week 40/2008
Final day of the searun browntrout season on the Swedish west coast. The weather Gods threw all possible things at us, but in the evening it all settled and cleared up. Final trout of the day was slightly coloured and just beautiful in the setting sun. Now the winter will seem a little brighter until it all starts over April 1:st 2009. 
Nikon D200, Tamron 90/2,8 @ 90 mm, 1/800sec @ f4, RAW, handheld.


Week 39/2008
Flyfishing is more about having faith in the fly in the end of your line, than the pattern itself. Niclas Andersson in an early morning moment trying to get into that hidden mood when every cast is accurate, every leader straight and the fly is just right, no matter what.
Nikon D200, Tokina 12-24/4 @ 24 mm, 1/500sec @ f8, RAW, handheld.

Week 38/2008
Last year when fishing for searun brow trout in the city centre of Stockholm, a massive snowfall started. It was a special feeling to sit out in the belly-boats and see the snowfilled clouds roll over the city. The feeling switched from special to strange when I turned my head and find this creature behind me! It is fishing companion Peppe who shouts over the water ´Jag fiskar med mask..!!´ (I am fishing with worm..!!) which in Swedish is a funny sentence as mask is the same as worm.
Nikon D200, Nikon 80-200/2,8 @ 120 mm, 1/160sec @ f4, RAW, handheld.

 Week 37/2008

This image is captured one evening during the same trip as the picture from week 36. Bear in mind that this is in the middle of july, right in the middle of the Lapland summer above the Polar circle. One day you can walk the mountains with shorts and T-shirt, the next you need all layers of clothes you can find in your backpack.
Nikon F90, Nikon 80-200/2,8 @ 180 mm, 1/200sec @ f5,6, Fuji Sensia 100, Manfrotto tripod.

Week 36/2008

This is an old, grainy slide from the upper reaches of river Kaitum in Swedish Lapland. Me and my friends were flown out with an old floatplane to a remote lake and then walked to another system for pickup a week later. We had minus degrees every night and the fishing suffered from the icy northerly wind. One of the nights the weather improved and we got some really nice grayling on deep fished nymphs. To catch a leaping fish in sharp, unblurrded manner on picture is a diffucult task, and this is my best attempt so far.
Nikon F90, Sigma 28-70/2,8 @ 30mm, 1/100sec @ f4, Fuji Sensia 100, handheld.

Week 35/2008

Everyone who has been fishing in New Zealand knows that it can rain.... a lot! The NZ rivers are famous for rising very fast due to their often steep drainage and large catchments. Pictures above shows a small tribuatary outside Reefton and thwy whey were captured just 12 hours apart.
Nikon F90X, Sigma 28-70/2,8 @ 40mm, 1/125sec @ f8, Fuji Provia 100, handheld.

Week 34/2008

This is one of my favourite pictures from my September 2006 trip to Kamchatka, Russia. In the background the beautiful silouette of the Opala volcanoe and a starlit dark blue sky, in front the  kithchen tent and our group of fishermen having dinner. Nikon D200, Tamron 12-24/4 @ 20mm, 4sec @ f8, ISO 100, Gitzo tripod, RAW.   

Week 33/2008

A couple of years ago we made a kayak trip in the area of Dalsland in southern Sweden. One morning we had fantastic light over the lake with mist rising from the surface and the sun climbing up over the trees.
Fuji S2Pro, Nikon 18-35/3,5 @ 35mm, 1/320sec @ f8, ISO 100, handheld, RAW.

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