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  Week 1 - 26, 2011


Week 26/2011

After some hard work in the jungle-like river in south-east Sweden we finally managed pikeperch
on the fly, for an upcoming work for magazine Allt om Flugfiske.
 Nikon D300 @ ISO 125 | Tokina 12-24/4 | handheld | flash | NEF raw-file

Week 25/2011

 The family van is easy to convert into a trout-bum-light-truck who lets you sleep by the water. .
 Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tokina 12-24/4 | handheld | NEF raw-file

Week 24/2011

 A set of rods resting in the warm light of the setting sun.
 Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tokina 12-24/4 | handheld | NEF raw-file

Week 23/2011

 Heavy rain rolls in from the sea and the wind dies. I really like this almost monocrom
picture with the ship silouettes at the horizon. Pure solitude.
Photo by Albin Löfqvist,
Week 22/2011

 Just got my best wild brown trout ever, 3,5 kgs, and got the fight of my life. Yiihhhhaaaa!

Canon G11  |  P-mode  |  CR2 file  | Photo by Anders Bengtsson.

Week 21/2011

 Old swell rolls in while the sun sets. 

Photo by Morgan Evans,
Week 20/2011

 The warm evening light on the cliffs of island Orust. 

Canon G11  |  P-mode  |  CR2 file.
Week 19/2011

Mr Anders Bengtsson gets hungry while nymphing for trout.

Canon G11  |  P-mode  |  CR2 file.
Week 18/2011

 Mr Per Brolin with his first searun brown on the fly. 

Canon G11  |  P-mode  |  CR2 file.

Week 17/2011

 Mr Kai Finbraten puts the fly in front of crusing searun brown on the west coast of Sweden. . 

Week 16/2011

 What the west coast of NZ south island is all about, green water and the white mouth of a rising trout. 

Photo by Joakim Johansson.   

Week 15/2011

 Mr Michel Bågenfelt nets a searun brown from the guideboat. 

Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tokina 12-24/4 | handheld.

Week 14/2011

 A nice rainbow trout holding just by the bank, under the yellow grass. 

Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tokina 28-75/2,8 | handheld.

Week 13/2011

 Heavy rain and wind on the coast. Good clothes and a slow intermediate line makes it possible to fish anyway. 

Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tamron 90mm | 1/100 sec @ f4 | handheld.   
Week 12/2011

 A nice tarpon in released while fishing from El Pescador camp in Belize.

Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tokina ATX-Pro@12mm | 1/600 sec @ f7,4 | handheld.

Week 11/2011

 The winter is still here, but soon we will have early mornings, salt water, sand, cliffs and hunting searun browns.

Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Nikon 18-35/3,5@18mm | 1/200 sec @ f7,1 | handheld.

Week 10/2011

 Thomas in front of a massive waterfall in Iceland, July 2011.

Nikon D200 @ ISO 200 | Tokina ATX-Pro 12-24/4@18mm | 1/20 sec @ f5,7 | handheld.
Week 9/2011

 Mr Brad Jackson from the USA who took us on a 4 day fly-in to Hunter river in NZ, January 1999.

Nikon F90X @ ISO 100 | Sigma 28-70 2,8 | Fuji Provia 100.

Week 8/2011

 The flies in the J:son System makes realistic, durable and very fishy flies.

Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tamron 90 mm Macro | 1/160 sec @ f13 | Henzel Studio Lightning

Week 7/2011

 Last week I spent some days in Paris to participate in a fishing fair, and got the oppotunity to pay a late evening visit to the Eiffel tower. It is beautifulli lit at night, and every full hour a spectacular light show is performed for five minutes.

Canon G11 digital compact, all Auto mode, CR2 raw file.

Week 6/2011

 A searun brown makes a last run to avoid the net.

Canon G11 digital compact, all Auto mode, jpg.

Week 5/2011

 Mr Kenny Cronham from Gotland ( is one for the most effective spin fishermen I
have ever guided, here his light rod bends into a solidly hooked searun brown.

Nikon D200 @ ISO 200 | Tokina ATX-Pro 12-24/4@14mm | 1/800 sec @ f14 | handheld.

Week 4/2011

 One of my first digital captured images from the coastal area of island Hisingen, Sweden.

Fuji S2Pro @ ISO 200 | Nikon 18-35/3,5@18mm | 1/30 sec @ f6,7 | handheld.

Week 3/2011

 The fall colours together with a blue sky made a glorious day at Tiveden Flyfish.

Nikon D300 @ ISO 125 | Tokina ATX-Pro 12-24/4@12mm | 1/200 sec @ f6,3 | handheld.

Week 2/2011

 We had some tough hours during the day when the sun lit from a clear blue sky with no wind. But in the afternoon
some clouds built up and a light ripple moved the surface. Right away we were into action.

Nikon D200 @ ISO 100 | Tokina ATX-Pro 12-24/4 @ 20mm | 1/160 sec @ f5 | handheld.

Week 1/2011

 I just cant wait until the snow melts away, the shallow coastal bays heats up and the worms starts to move around.

Nikon D200 | Tamron 90mm/2,8 | 1/300 sec @ f208 | handheld


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